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  • 20.12.2016
    Talesun Solar Supplies 96 MW of Solar Modules

    to ColGreen North Shore LLC in California, USA

  • 02.12.2015
    Talesun Begins Production in Thailand

    500 MW Capacity each for Modules and Cells destined for the International Market


Talesun Energy

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Our project services offered

Talesun Energy combines the advantages of its in-house production of solar modules with excellent and quality turnkey EPC service of PV plant with those tier one strategic partnership of BOS providers in the world. Our highly-efficiency logistics chain cuts out, for example, the possibility of delivery bottlenecks for important components. Also with our experienced and professional on-site project managers monitoring the site construction, this ensures that end-investor projects are seamlessly carried out to agreed deadlines. The ‘bankability’ of Zhongli Talesun Solar’s high performance modules is guaranteed and fully recognized by leading financial institutions.

1. Project Development:

As a turnkey project developer we offer project development, bridge/construction financing and project financing from a single source. We develop our own projects or buy project rights. Our strategy is BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) and for each project we can set up a SPV. Once the project is fully completed we will sell the entire SPV to the final investor.

2. Bridge / Construction Financing: 

As an investor of strong financial strength and good relationship with funding investors we can offer bridge or construction financing to our partners. Thereby the developers can mitigate financing short-falls. Hence, the developer can easily hand over the completed projects to the final investor after COD and seamlessly bridge to project financing stage.

3. EPC:

We are the general contractor and hence we deliver all services towards the construction of turnkey PV plants, including procurement or production of all necessary building materials and parts, as well as the assembly and implementation. We have a strong network in place and will work with experienced local or international EPC partners.

4. Connection, PAC & FAC:

We take care of the connection to the grid, the Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC) and the Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC).

5. Project Financing:

In addition to our Bridge and Construction Financing offer we have the financial strength and the global network to seek project financing for completed projects..

6. Project Sales (80%) / IPP (20%):

Currently we are selling most projects at PPA stage. However, our future target is expected to have 80% of our business volume in project sales and 20% will be turned into Independent Power Production (IPP).

7. Operation & Maintenance:

We also offer Operation and Maintenance (O&M) service for PV power plants built by Talesun Energy together with our local service partners around the world.