Talesun - Sharing values with the sun.
  • 20.12.2016
    Talesun Solar Supplies 96 MW of Solar Modules

    to ColGreen North Shore LLC in California, USA

  • 02.12.2015
    Talesun Begins Production in Thailand

    500 MW Capacity each for Modules and Cells destined for the International Market


Talesun Energy

Phone China:
+86 512 8096 5518

Phone Germany:
+49 89 189 177 0

Phone UK:
+44 (0)20 8834 1303

Phone Italy:
+39 02 8734 3194

Phone Turkey:
+90 212 401 59 61-2

Fixed Rate Senior Secured Notes

The Issuer emitted EUR 40,000,000 Fixed Rate Senior Secured Notes with final maturity date 2032 (the "Notes"). The Notes are rated investment grade by DBRS Limited and listed on the ExtraMOT Pro segment operated in Italy by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. 



I.       Refinancing existing assets.

II.      Refinancing part of the Project Costs.



I.        The issuer: TS Energy Italy Spa (Italy).

II.       The parent: TS Energy Europe SA (Luxembourg).

III.      The Sponsor: Talesun Solar Switzerland AG (Switzerland).

IV.      The Manager: Talesun Energy Solutions Srl (Italy).

V.       The Arrangers: IDCM Limited (United Kingdom) and Foresight Group LLP 
           (United Kingdom).

VI.      The Calculation Agent, Paying Agent, Issuer Account Bank and Cash
Elavon Financial Services Limited, UK Branch (Ireland).

VII.     The Registrar: Elavon Financial Services Limited (Ireland).

VIII.   The Note Trustee: U.S. Bank Trustees Limited (United Kingdom).

IX.      OpCos: DES Energia Dieci Srl (Italy), DES Energia Dodici Srl (Italy), DES
           Energia Tredici Srl (Italy), DES Energia Quattordici Srl (Italy), ONICE Srl
           (Italy), Solar Sicily Srl (Italy), Sun Flower Srl (Italy), CS Solar 2 Srl (Italy),
           TrovoSix Srl (Italy).

X.       The Rating Agency: DBRS Limited.

XI.      ExtraMOT Pro: ExtraMOT Pro, the new Professional Segment of ExtraMOT
           market dedicated to listing of bonds, commercial paper, project bond
           operated in Italy by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.

XII.     EPC Contractor: Bester Generacion S.L. (Spain).

XIII.    Technical Adviser: EOS Consulting Spa (Italy).