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  • 20.12.2016
    Talesun Solar Supplies 96 MW of Solar Modules

    to ColGreen North Shore LLC in California, USA

  • 02.12.2015
    Talesun Begins Production in Thailand

    500 MW Capacity each for Modules and Cells destined for the International Market


Talesun Energy

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Why we make a difference

However large or small your project may be - Talesun Energy is the reliable and experienced partner for you. We speak your language, know and understand the regional factors affecting your project, and support your plans with high-quality photovoltaic products and an excellent EPC service throughout the entire project duration.

Zhongli Talesun Solar is a company with a strong capital base and one of the world's largest producers of solar modules and PV power plant EPC. Our expertise will serve as a foundation for your success, from the planning stage to the O&M stage over the long-term.


We are the general contractor of PV power plants and hence we deliver all services towards the construction of turnkey PV power plants, including production of modules and procurement of BOS, as well as the construction and commissioning. We have a strong network in place and will work with experienced local or international EPC partners.

Contact us now to receive an overview of our quality completed project references and preliminary quotation. We welcome any concrete project inquiries.

Contact email: project@talesunenergy.com