Talesun - Sharing values with the sun.
  • 20.12.2016
    Talesun Solar Supplies 96 MW of Solar Modules

    to ColGreen North Shore LLC in California, USA

  • 02.12.2015
    Talesun Begins Production in Thailand

    500 MW Capacity each for Modules and Cells destined for the International Market


Talesun Energy

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Your professional partner for PV power plant project development

Talesun Energy is an internationally operating EPC and turnkey solution provider of PV power plant. It is an overseas segment of Zhongli Talesun Solar, a leading producer of solar modules & solar cells and PV project development both in China and the World.

Zhongli Talesun Solar is a major division of the Zhongli Sci-Tech Group, a long-established and highly successful manufacturer of specialist cabling and other industrial components. Zhongli Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. is listed on the Shenzhen stock-exchange (SZ: 002309) and has a major share of Chinese specialized cable and optical fibre cable market. The Group made an initial USD 850 million investment in Zhongli Talesun Solar in 2010. Now Zhongli Talesun Solar has a global 2.0 GW Cell and 2.8 GW Module manufacturing capacity.



Thanks to the project development vision of our Chairman, Mr Baixing Wang, Zhongli Talesun Solar continues to run at an operating profit each year since its commencement of operations. Zhongli Talesun Solar has a highly automated production facility of 1.2 GW Cells & 2.0 GW Modules capacities in Asia’s largest independent manufacturing base of 210,000 sq.m. in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China, Talesun’s equipment suppliers came from leading PV equipment manufacturers such as Reis and Centrotherm from Germany, NPC from Japan and Baccini from Italy.

In December 2015, Zhongli Talesun Solar commenced its new 800MW Cell & Module highly automated manufacturing facilities in Rayong, Thailand. This has put Zhongli Talesun Solar’s international PV market competition in a better advantage than other competitors.



Talesun Energy specializes in worldwide acquisition of project-rights, project development, EPC and sale of turnkey PV power plants. The company builds and finances large-scale projects and as of to-date, Zhongli Talesun Solar has installed projects for more than 2 GW globally.

Talesun Energy’s main activities are: (i) project development, (ii) bridge/construction financing, (iii) EPC, (iv) Connection, PAC & FAC, (v) Project Financing, (vi) Project Sale/IPP, (vii) O&M (Details please visit our Project section).

Among others, Talesun just issued EUR 40,000,000 Fixed Rate Senior Secured Notes in order to refinancing part of its existing assets (please visit our Listed Bond section).